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Safe Packers Strength


Fleet Owner

An individual or corporation buys a number of used or new vehicles for transporting goods across the province, state, or country. They take whole freight containers from shipping ports or fill their own cargo containers with goods at the airport, train station, from a warehouse, etc. The front part or cab might be fitted with a sleeping berth at the top where the driver will rest between runs unless two drivers take turns sleeping. The firm which owns these trucks ensures that the side of each cab and/or container is painted with a certain color along with the company name and logo to signify that it is not privately owned and belongs to a business. Trucking fleet owners are bound by certain rules as to how many hours a driver can log per run, how fast he can go, and what sorts of cargo he can carry. Computers enable them to enforce these rules.

Transport Contractor

We provide this service by various means of transportation to reach the client quickly within the time range. We have well experienced staff, comprising of people who have always provided their superior services within the committed time. We have expertise in providing transportation of overweight and over dimensional consignments. Moreover, we have our own warehouses at many locations in India. Our big networks of branches in most of the important cities in India help us to provide optimum services to valued clients and thus we have fewer ratios of client`s complaints

Break Bulk

At theSafePackers, we get requests for transportation of huge cargo that doesn’t fit in conventional containers. Their transportation needs are fulfilled by our expert team of drivers who have been with us for decades. They have the expertise to transport oversized goods tactfully through India’s narrow and traffic-filled roads. We have the specialized equipment required to transport break bulk cargo. What’s more,as per the Indian laws, special permits and certain stringent rules are required to be followed to ensure such cargo can be transported in a legal and road-worthy manner. We will not only transport break bulk cargo to the destination of your choice but also assist you in properly stowing away the cargo. Our commitment to the safety of your cargo comes first and we will ensure that all steps are taken to ensure total customer satisfaction. Do you have such goods that require this kind of transportation?

Full Truck Load

A lot of clients – from sectors as diverse as Automobile, Engineering, Pharma, FMCG, Garments, etc. – seek our expertise for careful handling of their cargo. Our Full Truck Load (FTL) services help us to go the extra mile to provide personalized and specialized transportation services. Our customers opt for FTL services when they want their goods to receive extra attention. In most cases, cargo in FTL deliveries is expensive or sensitive in nature. While all goods are treated with extra care at theSafePackers, FTL consignments will be provided with dedicated trucks from theSafePackers network of fleets to ensure that they are transported alone for the entire journey. Our FTL services will ensure that your goods are delivered safely and on time! Our experts will help you choose the right truck for the delivery.

Less than Container Load

At theSafePackers, we know that all cargo is important, whether big or small. For years, we have been serving hundreds of customers by ensuring that their compact cargo reaches the destination safely through our LCL transportation services. The economic benefits of our LCL services along with the security offered by us have helped to retain customers. Most of our clients for LCL services belong to a variety of sectors, including Poly Products, Education, Banking, etc

Professional Warehouse

We offer state-of-the-art warehouse facilities for our customers. These facilities can be used to perform a variety of goods-related tasks – from packaging and stock management to efficient loading/unloading. A highlight of our warehouses is the high level of security. We can assure you that your goods will remain safe and secure for the entire duration. Also, our warehouses are specially equipped to deal with insects and all kinds of pests that may create havoc on stored goods. The dust-free environment ensures that the packaging appears fresh and new even after a couple of days

Movers and Packers

We are committed to render solutions to all your packing and moving related problems. We have the team of skilled and experienced people who is covering entire city rendering qualitative services. We take all the responsibilities to deliver the best assistance to our customers. We are competent and dedicated to assist you in your move. We have used high quality packaging material such as bubble wrap, fabric sheets, cellophane sheets etc. We load your precious goods safely on the carrier with the help of effective equipments like hand trolley and unload them safely and securely at your desired location. We are trained and equipped to provide consistent quality service throughout the country


At theSafePackers, we can provide a wide variety of ISO containers that cater to your complex cargo needs. Each of our ISO containers has been manufactured and tested to match the stringent regulatory requirements set by the International Standards Organization (ISO).
Our containers rank among the industry’s best in strength, size, and durability. Do you have a requirement for ISO containers? Our experts will help you choose the right container size for your requirement.