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  1. I want to get my car loaded in my presence. Is it possible?

Answer: As customer satisfaction is our priority. We value the belongings of our customers. You can get your car loaded in front of your eyes. Our car carrier service is totally satisfactory.

  • How can you make me believe that you will deliver satisfactory packers and movers in Jalandhar?

Answer: We are a well reputed Amritsar, Ludhiana and Pathankot organization. We have professionally trained staff to take care of minute details to maximize the customer satisfaction.

  • How many days before shifting we need to notify The Safe movers to make a survey of the goods to be shifted?

Answer: you need to notify us at least 3 months before shifting to make a survey of the goods.  As we work professionally and methodically. We serve with proper planning and strategy that’s why 3 months is the minimum notifying period. 

  • We want to install Mandir before shifting to our new house at our destination. Is it possible?

Answer: the safe movers respect the religious stuff including puja and mandir stuff. We pack the mandir in a specially made mandir box to respect it and protect it. We mark such boxes as no 1 and deliver it with full care and respect. Being a transportation services provider company in Amritsar, Ludhiana and Pathankot, we respect every religion specially Hinduism.

  • Last time when I availed household shifting service, I lost nuts and bolts of my bed due to which I faced many problems. Do you provide solution to such problems?

Answer: being a customer centric company we take care of you every belonging that’s why these small things like nuts, bolts and keys are first packed in small boxes and our team take special care of these boxes and deliver it to the destination as first priority. 

  • Can you provide my daily status report of my shipment? 

Answer: Being best household shifting service company, we the safe movers have an Online GPS tracking system on our website. From there you can track your consignment and check its status any time. We will give you a code and some other details of your consignment. By entering your consignment details, you will get to the exact location of your consignment. 

  • Although I am quite satisfied with the service of the safe Movers, I have heard that your rates are higher than market rates. Is it true?

Answer: Our rates are very reasonable. We charge for the service we provide. We not only move goods or households, we move emotions. We do not compromise on the security and care of the goods. 

  • If my goods are damaged what procedures do you follow for settlement?

Answer: in case the goods are damaged. We try our best to provide insurance claim to our clients by the insurance company with which we have attachment and understanding. We ensure the safety of goods by added care, amazing packaging, and comfortable vehicles. 

  • What kind of procedures is followed by The Safe Movers for goods transportation to international locations?

Answer:  we the safe mover have a separate team for the booking and transference of international goods. 

  1. What if the client is not available to receive the consignment for several days? Can you hold it there if yes then at what charges?

Answer: As we also provide the facility of storage and warehousing services. That is why yes, we can hold the consignment at the destination for the desired days. Obviously, we have certain charges for that. For more details kindly contact the visiting officer.